We Be Cruisin’

We are very excited to announce that we are proud owners of a CAR!!! As we’ve shared before it’s essential for the success of our ministry to have some wheels to get around on. Having a car in a place like SA = independence! Not only can we easily access ministry but now we can actually venture out of our flat during the evening/nighttime hours.

Justin has already mastered driving on the left hand side of the road as he learned to drive stick here in SA! Tera feels pretty comfortable on the opposite side of the road but is still figuring stick out and only drives around the block for practice (feel free to pray for quick skill and boldness; both are necessary to maneuver the roads of SA).


Hey there! We just wanted to share a short slideshow of our outreach in South African and Rwanda (if you have trouble viewing the video just let us know!)

You can read about our 2 weeks in South Africa in our previous post entitled “Asanda!”

Rwandese women & children

We really enjoyed our time in Rwanda, the people were so welcoming and friendly and the churches were so open to us coming in and ministering.

In one church Justin taught the book of Philemon and focused on the truth of forgiveness. He asked for volunteers to share a personal experience of forgiveness in their own lives. One woman stood and shared her story about her 2 year old son. He had become sick and over a short time grew very ill to the point that her and her husband rushed him to a doctor. They were shocked when the doctor explained that the cause of the young boys illness was poison. A short time later the boy died. Soon after they discovered that the person who had been poisoning their precious 2 year old son was a member of their own family. A few weeks earlier they had visited her husbands family who hated the woman because of where she was from. Because of their anger towards the marriage they punished the couple by poisoning their 2 year old child. They had watched their son, their only child, slowly die from poison at the hand of family. We discovered later that this had happened only 2 months prior.

As she stood there telling her story, holding back the tears, we were shocked and heart-broken by what we were hearing. We couldn’t believe what hate and prejudice had produced. She continued by saying “But the Holy Spirit put it in my heart to forgive them and my husband and I can live in freedom through forgiveness”. She turned, handed Justin the mic and sat down. We were speechless.

In that moment we realized that we were the ones being taught.

Come On Over

If you’d like to see a short video of our current apartment click on the link below. Be prepared for an interesting ride and sorry for the repetition… enjoy! (if you have trouble viewing the movie just let us know)

And just so you know, we are currently talking with the landlord about continuing on here for at least 3 months and probably 1 year, yay! Hope you enjoyed your viral visit and we’d love for you to actually swing by sometime!! =D


For the past 2 weeks we partnered with a church in Asanda, a Township in South Africa. We’d like to share some of our experiences with you (click below to enlarge):

We are excited to continue partnering with this church over these next 2 years!

American’s & Norwegian’s in Africa!

Outreach here we come! Beginning tomorrow (Saturday 21, 2012) we will spend the first 2 weeks of our Titus Project outreach at a Township here in South Africa. After that we will travel to Rwanda where we will spend 5.5 weeks working with several different churches. For the past 4 weeks our student-teachers have been working very hard to practice, plan and prepare as teachers for outreach. They will use all of the tools they have learned during this time to teach other’s the same gift that they have been given; the understanding of how to study the Bible for themselves. We are looking forward to sharing pictures and stories with you of what God does in and through us!

Team South Africa & Rwanda!
Steffen and Kristina are a Norwegian couple that will be joining with us on outreach. Following the completion of Titus Project they will also stay on full-time at YWAM Muizenberg and work on the Titus Mobile team. We are so grateful to have such dedicated and gifted people (friends) to work with!


Tera reading the Bible with her fellow SBSers in 2008

Please take a few minutes to read the short note in this link about the amazing SBS (School of Biblical Studies) program!!

Justin and I had the privilege to do the SBS program in 2008-2009 (and even sit under the teaching of Dr. Youngblood for an entire week; we’ve got the signature to prove it! =P ). And now we have the privilege of helping to equip other SBS graduates, through the Titus Project, to teach others God’s Word and how to study it for themselves!

For more information about SBS, Titus Project, Titus Mobile or About Us and Our Mission just click on the appropriate link or contact us at