About us

dsc_7654We’re just a young family who have been on a few adventures over the years. Our current adventure is the biggest yet – settling down in one place and attempting a loving, healthy, and godly family.

Over the years we’ve used this space to share updates about our ministry and life. Although we’ve ended up back “home”, we’d like to continue sharing with those of you who decided to stop by.

A bit about our history:

We partnered with YWAM since January 2007 where we had training and outreach in various countries. We began a 6 month Discipleship Training School (DTS) in Germany followed by evangelism outreach to several countries in South America. After this we attended a 9 month School of Biblical Studies (SBS) in Montana. This was followed by a 3 month teaching outreach in Thailand with the Titus Project program. When we returned from Thailand we began a 6 month correspondence course called Directed Readings In Biblical Studies (DRB) where we read through the New Testament and a variety of books on Church history and theology (including an entire Bible dictionary!).

In May 2012 we moved to Cape Town, South Africa as full-time Missionaries with YWAM Muizenberg. During this time Justin led a Bible teaching team called Titus Local, and the Titus Project School. Tera spent part of her time with Titus Local and Titus Project, but was also full-time with a prayer/worship/evangelism ministry called Bethesda House. In October 2016 we moved back to the States, and in December Justin was hired full-time at Encounter Church.

{Thank you Michaela Copsey for these family photo’s}


One comment

  1. We like getting your updates and look forward to seeing you over Christmas.
    Bob and Emmajane. Just got back from 3 weeks in Europe. Remember those days ?

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