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We are passionate about truth and the freedom that it brings. Our desire is to continually discover what it means to have relationship with God and be used by Him as fully as possible.

Proclaiming TRUTH - Bringing FREEDOM

Proclaiming TRUTH – Bringing FREEDOM

Justin accomplishes this by bringing Biblical training to the Christians of South Africa. His vision is to equip those who otherwise wouldn’t have access to Biblical training with the skills to study the Bible for themselves and by doing so grow deeper in their faith and become more rooted in solid Biblical truths. He does this by serving as leader to both the Titus Local Team and the Titus Project School.

Tera accomplishes this by serving with Bethesda House. Her goal is to facilitate peace and freedom in people’s lives through Gods truth and experiential love; God’s truth heals!

 Thank you to Kelsey Renee Photography for the beautiful Bible-lane photo!


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