Have You Heard?

Justin has been accepted to Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary!

As you might remember, we joined YWAM right out of High School and did several training and outreach programs prior to joining as full-time staff in 2012. Because of this, Justin does not have an official/accredited degree. Upon reviewing Justin’s biblical training and ministry experience GCTS has granted him an honorary Bachelor degree and accepted him directly into their Master of Divinity program; a big honor and exciting opportunity!

Why? What? When? Where? How?

We believe this is the right opportunity for us for many reasons. Although we have received much of our training abroad, and have spent the past 4 years doing ministry in South Africa, we have always felt that our long-term calling was in the States. While prayerfully evaluating the upcoming end of our commitment with Muizenberg, we felt that the season for transitioning back to the States was coming. We do not view this as an end to our time in missions or ministry but simply as a platform into the new season of ministry that God is bringing us. Therefore, we often refer to this time as a “study sabbatical”.

We do not have all of the answers as to what ministry will look like after Justin’s 3 years of study but our vision to equip believers with God’s truth and biblical understanding has not changed. We are excited to see how God uses this passion and vision in the future.

Our plan is to move from SA to PA in October of this year. This will be a time of practical transition back to the States and allow our families to meet and bond with the Little Monkey who’s coming in May. From there we will move to GCTS in Hamilton MA (about 40 min north of Boston) where Justin will begin classes in January 2017.

As you probably know, seminary is expensive (and we are unable to afford the cost)! Fortunately, GCTS offers a program that gives missionaries, with the help of their supporters, the financial possibility of schooling with little debt – but we’ll share more about that in another post!

So, what do ya think!?