∼I started this in September, but couldn’t find the words to finish it. I’ve since added a little more, but I think it will always feel somewhat inadequate∼

rent-1As I {tera} sit down to write this post, I feel overwhelmed. How can I sum up these past 4.5 years? How do I adequately express what we have experienced; what we have learned; how we have grown and changed; who we have loved; the tears that we’ve cried; our successes and failures; the laughter; the friend-family we’ve gained? I am sure that anything I write will fall short of expressing the joys and pains of our seasons here.

We came here because God was calling us to be further equipped for ministry. We can say, with certainty, that we are far more equipped for God’s calling on our lives than we were 4.5 years ago:

Justin has had the opportunity to lead 4 schools and 5 outreaches, and taught/preached innumerable times in local churches, other African nations, Bible schools and more. Through this he’s gained a deeper understanding of God’s Word and character, and how to apply it in different spheres of life. He has grown as a leader, learning to set his insecurities aside in order to better serve his staff and offer them the support and discipleship they need in order to flourish. He also uncovered pioneering and administrative gifts, rising to every challenge that presented itself.

HITACHII was also a part of 4 Titus Project school’s and outreaches which expanded my understanding of how to train and teach effectively. I was a part of Bethesda House for 2 years, where I gained more experience with intercession and worship, having the opportunity to lean into relationship with God and pursue spiritual disciplines. I became trained with Inner-healing ministry, which has given me a tool to help people find healing and freedom in Jesus, which is my life’s passion.

And now that God is calling us back home to utilize all of this, I am filled with a combination of excitement, sadness, anticipation, and loss. All of the experience doesn’t add up to the love and people that we have gained. I am a better, fuller person for having had these 4.5 years with these people, and this ministry. I do not want to say goodbye, to close the book on this chapter of life. I will forever be leaving a piece of myself here. I will forever treasure these precious people in a dedicated place in my heart.

I was searching for a souvenir to bring back with us, something to be a memento of our time. I found a few trinkets that I liked, but everything just seemed to fall short. Then I had an epiphany – Tenley is our souvenir. She is the unforeseen outcome of all that God has worked in us and through us in this season of life. She was wanted, conceived, and birthed in South Africa, I mean really, is there a more incomparable souvenir than our miraculous Tenley Eliya?



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