This post will be a little different from what you expected from us – it’s definitely different from what we expected to be communicating!lancaster-1

In our post The Road To Seminary we shared about the Partnership Program scholarship that Gordon Conwell Seminary offers. Our plan was to finish our term in South Africa and return to the States on October 4th 2016 as Justin is enrolled to begin studies in January 2017.

Since then Justin has been presented with a possible job opportunity working at a local church back home. The church is still discussing the details and will continue to meet with Justin when we return to the States.

As you can imagine, this potential opportunity had us re-evaluating our return to the States. We were certain that Gordon Conwell was the next step, but over the past few months we have realized that it will cost much more than we previously thought and as we’ve said before, we will not go into debt.

lancaster-3In addition to the financial uncertainty, we’d been battling with the true desire of our hearts. For some time, the longing of our hearts has been to settle down and begin putting roots in one place. Although we have loved our travels and have grown immensely through the opportunities, we are ready to leave the nomadic life behind and stop saying so many goodbyes to friends, communities, and ministry efforts. As we’ve begun expanding our family, we realize more than ever how much we would like to settle around grandparents, aunts and uncles, and cousins.

So, we found ourselves in an interesting, and somewhat confusing place. What is the right decision for our future and our family? What does God want? Well, after many conversations and much prayer, we have come to a decision. We will be moving back to Lancaster County, Pa permanently/indefinitely. We are so excited about this decision, and feel such a sense of peace. But as always we continue to keep our hearts and ears open, and trust that Go will redirect us if we are moving in the wrong direction.

lancaster-2Justin still wants to pursue a degree and we are in talks with Lancaster Bible College about what credits they will offer based on his training and ministry experience. We are hopeful that, like Gordon Conwell, they will recognize what he has gained over these past 9 years.

As you can see there are still a lot of unanswered questions that we have in returning home and settling down in the States. Although it isn’t easy to live in limbo (especially now that we’re responsible for Tenley), we sincerely trust that God will take care of us and make it possible for the dreams and desires He’s placed within us to come to fruition.

lancaster-4Although we only have 2 weeks left in South Africa, we still need your support as we transition from this mission field to the next. It is not easy to say goodbye to the friends, colleagues, and ministry that we have established here. We really appreciate your prayers of support as we maneuver through this time. We will continue to keep you posted as we get more answers.

We cannot express in words how much you all mean to us for your loving support through relationship, prayer, and funds over the years. We are truly blessed and witness God’s work through your sacrificial generosity – Thank you!


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