Peace That Surpasses… Accidents

A post from Justin (with a few wifely edits)

Today was crazy and eventful! God is so good. Life with God is awesome. Following Christ is not something I do, it’s someone I am. The peace of God is so real and it surpasses our circumstances. Today I actively experienced God’s peace, and it was awesome!

Here’s what happened:

We are leaving in 45 days to move back to the States. This means, among other things, we are selling our 2 cars.

A friend of mine is trying to get his license so I took him out to get some practice.Things were going very well until we came to a red light where he accidentally pressed the gas instead of the break; we ran into the truck in front of us and pushed it into the intersection. God is still good and I just felt peace.

I quickly put on the four-ways and got out of the passenger side to hop in the drivers seat and get out of the middle of the road. It just-so-happens that this accident was in front of a community with high crime. As I was getting in the car 2 guys came up, opened the door, and stole Tera’s jacket from the backseat. God is still good, and I just felt peace.

We drove up a bit to a somewhat safer location. There wasn’t much damage to the other man’s vehicle so he tells me if I give him R450 ($35) all is okay. I’m not sure how things work in South Africa so I decided to first call the police. Since February I’d been having problems with my phone, it would glitch and wouldn’t work unless I restarted it – this would happen multiple times everyday. About a month ago it just started working normal again BUT at this exact point, it died. God is still good, and I just felt peace.


I borrowed my friends phone and the police said to just come in and fill out a report at a later time. I paid the man and he was happily on his way. We were still in an unsafe crime area so I wanted to leave but needed to call my insurance company before heading home. A tow truck showed up, the driver lived just around the corner and offered to tow us there at no charge. I called the insurance company and was told that they basically wouldn’t cover anything. God is still good, and I just felt peace.

The tow driver said it would cost R3,500 ($260) to tow it the 6km (3.7 miles) to my flat, which is outrageous. I declined and said I’d call a friend to help me out – so he said I owed him R3,500 for the 1 min tow to his place… Here’s where I couldn’t take the injustice anymore and I gave him a piece of my mind. I am not perfect but God is still good and eventually I just felt peace.

After some persuading he finally agreed to tow me home for R750 ($55). I am now home, safe and sound. I got to cuddle my little princess Tenley and chat with my wife Tera about the whole situation. It’s awesome having a godly wife who wasn’t upset by any of the news. We prayed together as a family and thanked God that we are safe and that He is our provider. God is still good, and we just felt peace.

Life is such a blessing. Sometimes accidents happen and things don’t go our way. I’m so glad that I have Christ in my life to give me peace in every circumstance. This is an inconvenience to both our time and finances, but WHO CARES!? Life moves on. As I told my friend – in Heaven we won’t remember meaningless things like this. I have a broken phone, stolen jacket, and a broken car but I also have a big God. Without Christ in my life my feelings about today’s events would be much different.

God is still good, and I just feel peace.



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