The Road To Seminary

To read about Justin attending seminary and our continued ministry in the States click here.

As we’ve shared previously, Justin is going to take a study sabbatical and begin seminary in the States in January 2017. We are so honored and excited for this opportunity!

Gordon Conwell offers a “Partnership Program” which gives missionaries, with the help of their supporters, the financial possibility of schooling with little debt. This is the only “full-tuition scholarship” that the university offers, and we have been accepted into this program!

In a nutshell, if we are able to raise 55% of our tuition through our committed network of supporters, Gordon Conwell will cover the remaining 45%. In addition to tuition costs and school fee’s, we will also have our normal living expenses (housing, food, utilities, healthcare, vehicle, etc.).  This is such a remarkable program and opportunity God has made possible for us! Through much counsel and prayer, we believe that this is the next step God is leading us into, and we trust that He will provide the way without falling into debt.

Would YOU prayerfully consider financially supporting our ministry during Justin’s time of study at Gordon Conwell Theological University?

If you want to support us or have any questions please email us at In the meantime check out the above video and click here for an online brochure about the program.

Thank you for considering, and please continue to stand with us in prayer that God will provide a way.



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