Titus Project 2015

This is Justin’s 3rd year of leading, and our 4th year of staffing!

You probably know all about Titus Project by now, but just in case, we’ll give you a quick run-down. We take School of Biblical Studies (SBS) grads and equip them with teaching skills. Then, for 2 months, these student-teachers go out and teach Pastors and Churches how to study the Bible! It’s a very exciting program that transforms both the student-teachers and the pastors/churches.

This year Tera was released from her responsibilities with Bethesda House in order to staff the 3 week lecture phase, and participate in the first 2 weeks of outreach. She has really enjoyed plugging back in with her Biblical Studies roots, and helping to propel more Bible teachers into the world.

Justin has been working hard for months in preparation for the school, outreach, and his many teachings. It’s such a blessing to take these knowledgeable Bible students and equip them to empower other believers.


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