Home-Home Again

homeWe’re coming Home-Home for a visit at the end of this year! We aren’t 100% sure of the dates yet, but the plan is for November and December (maybe a bit of January).

Of course we are very excited to see family and friends (it will be 2 years since our last visit) – we’ll even get to meet our newest niece and nephews!

chainsWe are also looking forward to sharing more about our ministry, and some of the vision that God has laid on our hearts. If you, your family/friends, or even church would be interested in hearing more about us and our ministry please email us at JustinandTera@hotmail.com. We are keen to offer preachings, teachings, or just chat about what we do.

Our psoonlan is to be in Pennsylvania for the majority of the time, but we hope to visit family in North/South Carolina. We also have several friends from Cape Town who are studying in Boston that we hope to visit.

If you’re in any of these places and want to touch base with us, please let us know! {If you are in a different location and wish to touch base, just contact us and we’ll see what’s possible}



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