Justin In Malawi

Myself, and 2 other men from our team went to Malawi for 2 weeks. The purpose of our trip was to connect with new pastors in order to create contacts and run 2, week-long seminars.

The first seminar was in Lilongwe, the capital of Malawi. We had a great time teaching on the topics of Identity, Grace, and Biblical Leadership. At one point, after I taught on the topic of Grace, one of the pastors was so excited about hearing this message for the first time that they went home and immediately gathered their family and neighbors so that they could share all about God’s grace.

For the second week we took a 6-hour bus ride down to the city of Blantyre, and stayed with a local pastor. While we were there we ran another week-long seminar and held evening Bible studies with the local pastors. During one of the Bible studies I challenged the “prosperity gospel”, a teaching that is deeply effecting many Christians across Africa, and discussed what the true heart of giving is. At the end they rejoiced at the realization that they didn’t have to fear God’s wrath when they were unable to give financially. One of the pastors even said that he would sometimes have to borrow money in order to pay his tithe so that he wouldn’t be condemned by God but that now he was free from that bondage of fear.

This trip was amazing and we met so many wonderful people. The churches and the Christians we met are eager for more teachings and we will be sending an outreach team to Malawi in July/August for about 7 weeks.


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  1. Wonderful how God is using you in helping the people find the truth of His word! Fearing God is not meant for condemnation and bondage…thank you for being obedient to His leading.

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