UPDATE: Read & Pray Stat!

UPDATE: Today our checks from the South African consulate showed up in the mail; our prayers have been answered! Thank YOU and thank Jesus! —————————————————————

Original post from December 1, 2014:

We just found out that we might lose $3,000; please pray with us!!

One of the requirements for our SA visa is a $1,500/person “repatriation” deposit, which we sent with our first visa applications in 2012. This money would be returned when we permanently leave SA and submit the appropriate paperwork.

SA has recently announced that in order to receive this money all internationals must submit before February 2015, but can only do this from their home country. This would mean that we would have to fly home, hope that the application process would be finished in time for our return ticket (as the application requires our physical passports), AND that they would give it to us without cancelling our visa.

The reality is, this isn’t possible. Even if everything went smoothly, we’d spend about $2,500 on plane tickets.


Please pray that the fair and just thing will happen and we won’t lose the $3,000 deposit we placed in 2012.

Thank you for your prayers ♥



  1. Wait, I am so confused. Your headline makes me think all is well, you have the money?!?!

    Marysol Blomerus

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