Inductive Wha? -part II

The reason our ministry exists is because we see a need in the Church for sound Biblical understanding. When we talk about the Church we don’t mean only in South Africa, we are referring to the Church around the world. But currently WE happen to be living in Cape Town, South Africa, so that’s where we focus our efforts =)

{The following “we” referred to in this post is our Titus Local Team}

Our official goal is: “To equip the local Church in Cape Town South Africa with Biblical teaching, training, and discipleship.” We accomplish this goal in many forms.


SBFL Welcome PacketOne of the ways we accomplish this goal is through the Biblical Foundations Seminar. This is a course we offer twice a year that participants can attend in concurrence with their daily lives. We meet for class 3 times a week for 5 weeks. During this time we pass on principals of the Inductive Method by studying 5 books of the New Testament. We join together with many Christians and pastors from different cultures and churches around Cape Town; this is a beautiful and unique opportunity in this city! This course is more formal than most of our undertakings and has an academic focus.


Justin Bible StudyFor example, our team also participates in existing Bible studies in the community. This is a special opportunity to form relationships with Christians and Pastors in our area and make an impact directly in the community. Because these Bible studies are more informal we still teach using the Inductive Method but with more of a focus on instilling the principals of the Method rather than the step-by-step process. In these Bible studies we focus on passages of the Bible that will highlight important truths about God’s character and His relationship to us, His children.


PreachingBecause of these relationships we often have the opportunity to preach at these churches on Sunday mornings. Preaching provides a completely different platform for passing on the principals of the Inductive Method. These preachings are an opportunity to model the importance of taking a message directly from the Bible and referring to that passage throughout the sermon (by reading it) to show that the message is supported by Scripture.

These are just a few of the things we do in Cape Town. As you can see from these examples it is important for us to be effective teachers that understand the complexity of communication and learning. We take our responsibility as teachers very seriously and pursue excellence in our skills. We hone these skills by studying public speaking, different learning styles and methods of teaching, our audience, and the material (the Bible) itself. We participate in regular feedback (both giving and receiving) and annually staff The Titus Project School which, among other things, equips teachers.

Hopefully this gives you a little bit more insight into what we do and how we do it. Thank you for taking time to peek into our lives!



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