Titus Project 2013

Titus13Titus Project 2013 has begun!! All around Africa there are churches and pastors hungry for the Word of God, asking that He will make a way for them to understand the truths of the Bible. Unfortunately, most of these people do not have access to Biblical training; Titus Project is a ministry created to meet this need. We take SBS (School of Biblical Studies) students who have just completed 9 months of intensive study through the entire Bible, and equip them with the tools they need to pass on the knowledge, wisdom, and truth they’ve learned.

This year we will be sending 5 outreach teams to different locations around Africa: Uganda, Togo/Burkina Faso, Rwanda, and 2 teams will remain in South Africa. We are very excited that there will be teams focusing on South Africa for the entire 8 week outreach which, makes it possible for one of the teams to continue building on our relationships here in Cape Town. We are also eager to return to Rwanda and reconnect with the people there {not to mention get a few weeks of reprieve from winter!}.


1. Fear; Many of our students are insecure about teaching but are choosing to step out in obedience and trust that; in their weakness God’s power is made perfect! 

2. Finances; outreach is not cheap, not only for us but, especially for our students – many of them have no means of making or raising money. We have seen God work miracles of provision in our lives and theirs and are excited to see what’s in store! {If you are interested in contributing towards a students outreach fee’s please contact us ASAP}

3. Logistics; Man oh man! Organizing an outreach, from a distance, to a different country and culture is complicated. A few specifics: keeping in budget, flights, local transport, connecting with pastors/churches etc…

4. Leadership; As co-leader of the school, Justin’s responsibilities also extend outside of our outreach team – please pray for wisdom, guidance and rest.


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