Good Stuff!

Just a short post about some of our plans for the rest of this year and beyond =)


If you remember, one of the ministries we are a part of is Titus Project which begins in July and is a 3 month school {click on link for more details}. Last year we staffed this school and led an outreach to South Africa and Rwanda. This year Justin has been asked to co-lead the school and we will again take our outreach team to Rwanda!!



In addition Justin has been asked to lead the Titus Project school in 2014 and has gladly accepted. When we came to South Africa we made a 2 year commitment with YWAM Muizenberg but were careful to add a big question mark at the end of any plans. We are very honored that Justin has been given this opportunity and are excited to announce that we have extended our commitment until the end of 2014!! And we are still placing BIG question marks at the end of our plans =D



We are also super excited because we have begun to make plans to VISIT HOME AT THE END OF THIS YEAR!!! We are planning to make it an extended visit which will last 6-8 weeks. Our hope is to spend A LOT of time with family and friends and touch base with our home church.  Please pray for our visa renewals which we will do while in the States; that they will go through smoothly and be approved for 3 years (the maximum volunteer visa length which will remove future hassle if those question marks mean further commitments = P). We are also praying for awesome plane tickets (safe, cheap, direct as possible…)!


ThanksThank YOU for taking interest in our lives here in South Africa! Your prayers and support are a massive part of what makes it possible for us to be obedient to God’s calling =)


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