Hey there! We just wanted to share a short slideshow of our outreach in South African and Rwanda (if you have trouble viewing the video just let us know!)  http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10151022698296198

You can read about our 2 weeks in South Africa in our previous post entitled “Asanda!”

Rwandese women & children

We really enjoyed our time in Rwanda, the people were so welcoming and friendly and the churches were so open to us coming in and ministering.

In one church Justin taught the book of Philemon and focused on the truth of forgiveness. He asked for volunteers to share a personal experience of forgiveness in their own lives. One woman stood and shared her story about her 2 year old son. He had become sick and over a short time grew very ill to the point that her and her husband rushed him to a doctor. They were shocked when the doctor explained that the cause of the young boys illness was poison. A short time later the boy died. Soon after they discovered that the person who had been poisoning their precious 2 year old son was a member of their own family. A few weeks earlier they had visited her husbands family who hated the woman because of where she was from. Because of their anger towards the marriage they punished the couple by poisoning their 2 year old child. They had watched their son, their only child, slowly die from poison at the hand of family. We discovered later that this had happened only 2 months prior.

As she stood there telling her story, holding back the tears, we were shocked and heart-broken by what we were hearing. We couldn’t believe what hate and prejudice had produced. She continued by saying “But the Holy Spirit put it in my heart to forgive them and my husband and I can live in freedom through forgiveness”. She turned, handed Justin the mic and sat down. We were speechless.

In that moment we realized that we were the ones being taught.


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