American’s & Norwegian’s in Africa!

Outreach here we come! Beginning tomorrow (Saturday 21, 2012) we will spend the first 2 weeks of our Titus Project outreach at a Township here in South Africa. After that we will travel to Rwanda where we will spend 5.5 weeks working with several different churches. For the past 4 weeks our student-teachers have been working very hard to practice, plan and prepare as teachers for outreach. They will use all of the tools they have learned during this time to teach other’s the same gift that they have been given; the understanding of how to study the Bible for themselves. We are looking forward to sharing pictures and stories with you of what God does in and through us!

Team South Africa & Rwanda!
Steffen and Kristina are a Norwegian couple that will be joining with us on outreach. Following the completion of Titus Project they will also stay on full-time at YWAM Muizenberg and work on the Titus Mobile team. We are so grateful to have such dedicated and gifted people (friends) to work with!


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