Tera reading the Bible with her fellow SBSers in 2008

Please take a few minutes to read the short note in this link about the amazing SBS (School of Biblical Studies) program!!

Justin and I had the privilege to do the SBS program in 2008-2009 (and even sit under the teaching of Dr. Youngblood for an entire week; we’ve got the signature to prove it! =P ). And now we have the privilege of helping to equip other SBS graduates, through the Titus Project, to teach others God’s Word and how to study it for themselves!

For more information about SBS, Titus Project, Titus Mobile or About Us and Our Mission just click on the appropriate link or contact us at


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  1. Wow! this is wonderful… You truly have “studied to show yourselves approved unto God”! Very impressive and good to know. It must have been intense! Bonnie

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