To Date Or Not To Date…

This evening we had the opportunity to speak at a youth group on the topic of relationships/dating. Apparently it’s quite a hot topic that they’ve been eager to discuss because triple the amount of people that usually attend showed up, haha! We were interested to see how the conversations would go considering we come from a different culture than the students we were interacting with. Although there are some cultural differences in what dating looks like here and in the States we found that many of the questions and concerns were exactly the same; hormones are hormones =D But in all seriousness their questions were very relate-able and we were pleasantly surprised by the depth of their responses, thoughts and insights; God has as much for us to learn as to teach, if not more!

We began the evening by sharing about God’s heart on relationships; marriage, love, sex… and after briefly sharing our personal story we opened it up to questions. They were full of questions which ranged from simple to surprising to complex and everything in between. Even though we went 30 minutes over we still didn’t have nearly enough time to address everything they asked so they invited us back for next Wednesday evening! We had them write down their questions so that we can pray about how God wants us to respond and prepare for next week. I have no doubt that once we answer these there will be plenty more to follow =)

Please be in prayer for these young people as God continues to chase after their hearts and grow them in the gifts He has given them for a purpose. They are wise, creative, funny, insightful, polite, hospitable… We are eager to learn more of what God has to teach us through them and this experience.


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  1. I will be praying for God’s insight on this for you both. This is a topic I feel extreamly comfortable with. Everyone needs to learn and be knowledgeable about their bodies and what God wants from us that way. It is a thing of beauty and is pure in God’s sight. Praise God for that! Bonnie

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