Township Church

TownshipToday was our first experience in a Xhosa (pronounced kosa) township church. We know of them as the “clicking” language. We forgot our camera so this isn’t an actual picture, but it looks exactly the same.

So how was it there? It was awesome! People are all valuable and created in the image of God. Whether you live in a mansion, a house, or a metal cube, doesn’t change the imprint of God’s image on us. Going there God really showed me that message. The people in the Church there were amazing and wonderful.

Here’s a little of what their service was like:

The church building was about 1/3 the size of a garage in the US. It’s made with metal and wood, nothing fancy. Yet in this small room squeezed 20 worshipers and their kids. We sang worship songs and prayed for 2.5 hours. After each song everybody would pray out loud together for a few minutes, then someone would just start singing a new song and others followed in. It was beautiful, someone who had a song on their heart after prayer would just sing it, and everyone joined in wonderful harmony. And South Africans like it LOUD! Like I said, it was a very small church building and packed full but that didn’t stop them from having a large stereo in the back and 4 people with mics turned the whole way up! This continued like I said for 2.5 hours! It was great!

Then we had someone from out team share a very convicting message for an hour. Once that was finished, they danced! The young girls got up at started to dance together, and let us just say…Africans know how to dance!

It was a wonderful time and we loved every second of it. They had a guy playing the keyboard who was incredibly talented. While he was playing keyboard he was also in charge of the sound board. So he sometimes would play with one hand perfectly while adjusting his volume and 4 other mics with the other. It was incredible.

So here in this place that the world would see as garbage was a young man who incredibly musically talented. A young man created in the image of God who has a voice, and who has value, talents, dreams, emotions, etc. He is not a “charity”, he is not “poor”, he is not “needy”, he is a person. And his name is Xolani (pronounced Zulani).

We are just so excited about these people and really feel a heart for South Africans in these places We are praying we will be able to bring Bible teaching into these churches, to build up and strengthen what God is already doing there.


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