What Rain Can Bring

Today it was rainy and we were walking down the road with our umbrellas. We saw a young couple without umbrellas so we ran up to them and offered them ours as we walked.

They were very poor and he asked us if we could give them some money for food, so we offered to take them out to eat. When we got to a store and they saw that we were willing to give they actually said “we have a baby at home, and we can beg for food easily, could we instead get things for our baby?” so we helped them pick out all the baby supplies they needed, diapers, baby formula, etc. They seemed really legitimate, I don’t know to many beggars who want baby supplies. So we had a good time talking with them.

Before we left them we prayed for them and invited them church. They seemed really interested and I hope eventually to have a new friend, and new brother and sister in Christ.

Thank you Lord that everyday is an opportunity to reach out to those in need.



One comment

  1. Wow! How exciting! I hope to learn weather you ever see them again or not. I will pray that they do come around, and or either way, are blessed in the future w a relationship w Jesus. Plant and Water. Love you, and hope you can view new replies on old news. Praying for you always, Bonnie

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