Step By Encouraging Step

We have plane tickets! We’ll be heading to South Africa May 11th 2012 with only 1 stop in London. It will be a long trip but it’s a huge blessing to have found “affordable” tickets with only 1 layover so we are very grateful!

We have our visa’s!!! Yay!!! Receiving our visa’s only days after applying was a very encouraging blessing. This was a big “burden” hanging over our heads for months and the relief is fantastic =) At this point we are legally allowed to live in South Africa through December 2013; a lengthier time than we expected for our first application!

Right now we have about 50% of our needed support pledged; everyone’s generosity and support is very encouraging! Please continue to pray with us that God will provide for our physical needs so that we can accomplish His calling; we have no doubt that He is able and willing =) If you have sent support or are planning on supporting us please let us know so that we can have an accurate accounting, thank you!

*Email change: although we are retaining our personal email addresses we will be using to send out support/update emails; feel free to contact us at any of our emails!


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